Ruins of Turkey
December 2011
Taken with analog camera

After few months of absence (or more like a year), here I am, landed  in this virtual vessel again, attempting to blog regularly once and for all. I’ve always thought that writing is a way to regulate your thought. It’s a sophisticated form of art which challenges you to describe the indescribable, to translate what you feel, see and hear into strings of sentences.

Well, I blogged my thoughts away back when I was in middle and high school. Peer pressure was probably the best reason why I kept a blog back then at the first place. And of course, re-reading those stuff again makes you laugh. And cringed a little. Ranting about how your boyfriend let you down, writing about how you had everything figured out, monthly rant about how period cramp could turn you into a emotional monster (woman’s first problem, that is), and so on, and so on…. After scheming through it, all you could do is to laugh. Ahh, how everything was so simple for my 16-years-old self.

So yeah, we’ll just see how it goes. Might post pictures, random quotes or rants. Well, maybe not too much rant. Posting too much rants encourages you to be even more a whiny individual.

Here’s to a brand new start 🙂