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Now that I’m on my uni holiday, I’ve got ALL THE TIME in the world to dedicated a portion of my time to blog! So here I am again, nestling back in Jakarta for my winter break. I was supposed to come home and get an internship for my uni credit. But heck, after hunting for an opportunity for months from Sydney and being faced with uncertainty, guess it’s just wasn’t my luck because it was either the contact person went M.I.A on me or the HRD people being a big bitch. Although there’s a little part of me that feels a bit guilty with the prospect of doing nothing and the fear of boredom while few of my friends are having the internship… oh well, at east I tried, right? And maybe it’s just a way of the universe telling me to take a short break from all uni craziness to just enjoy my break for not scoring an internship haha! (excuse, excuse. cough, cough).

I told myself that I should be more productive this holiday. By productive, I mean not being a mundane mall rat and explore other parts of Jakarta instead. Even eating a bowl of ice cream in Ragusa is counted as productive! Weekend getaway to Bandung. Or perhaps engaging myself in a creative-worthy activity? Ohh well, just few things I have in mind. We’ll see, we’ll see.

So one weekend went by like a swift. It’s always great to see some old and familiar faces that you dearly miss. Best of all, I finally met Alvie, whom I haven’t met for almost two years. The last time I met the lady, we were crying our eyes out in the airport, as she sent me away for the first time to Sydney, oh dear! Separated by seas and thousand miles away, the moment deserves to be documented in a single click!

She’s now skins and bones (apparently she jogs alot in San Fran), but she’s still loud as ever! It’s so good to see that she’s so content with the things she has in her life now. Clearly you can see it from the way she talks about Zacky, her grumpy-looking dog and her forever-21-looking man HAHA! (P.S to Alvie: if you’re reading this, just admit it).

Anyways, last Thursday I went to Skye Jakarta. Yes, that Skye lounge people have been raving about ever since it was opened. Due to its high popularity since the opening, my friend Sevira had to especially book a reservation for 5 of us a week in advance. Much to my delight, the place really lives up to the expectation, despite of the mediocre taste and disappointing portion of the food (I’ll get back to that later). Set in the 56th floor of BCA tower, the place gives you the landmark view of Jakarta day and night. If you observe the numerous new restaurants that are being opened in Jakarta for the last few years, we clearly get the idea that the current restaurant trend in Jakarta is the urban, upscale/contemporary-looking vibe. Ismaya’s Skye is not an exception. We could agree that those guys are doing a splendid job in incorporating a touch of luxury and cosmopolitan vibe to fellow Jakartans dining experience.


The view from 56th Floor | Taken by Nikii and 35mmm 🙂


AH yes, the food. As recommended by the waitress, I ordered the fish with sweet corn sauce and mushroom. Just when the food was served in front of me, I knew I wasn’t going to be sated only by this main course. Guess the big portion in Sydney has stretched my tummy into a bule capacity hahaha -__- But it was edible and pretty good. I’m not a picky eater, and I’ve tasted a lot worst fish dish from other ‘so-called upscale’ restaurant in Jakarta that tried to emulate the contemporary-Western fish dish yet failed miserably. And then I made a wrong move to order bread and pudding with maple ice cream for dessert. It was all too sweet and you could really tell that the whatever extract they put wasn’t properly blended because it was too strong bleeeggghhh. Probably the worst bread pudding I’ve ever had. Although I tried Yandi’s chocolate dessert with biscotti and it was nice.

Other dish and drink that we ordered:


Forget Me Not Mocktail and Skye’s couscous dish 

But all of the mediocre, slightly disappointing taste of the food was forgivable. At least the waitress were really nice and helpful, and last but not least, the atmosphere of the place and the gorgeous view of the city at night outweighs them all. If Skye Jakarta is a cupcake, she will be a mediocre, vanilla cupcake coated with pretty, colorful frosting, wrapped in a shiny box. Taste won’t be the first priority, as long it looks pretty and appealing. Does this metaphor reminds you of most of the new, upscale restaurant you have ever tried in Jakarta? Cause it surely does for me.

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