Of all the superheroes dressed in tights, masks or high-tech gadgets, Spider-Man is my all-time favorite superhero. When I heard that new Spider-Man reboot was directed by Marc Webb (the awesome dude who created 500 Days of Summer) along with the news about Andrew Garfield being casted as Peter Parker, I know that this will lead to an extraordinary new Spidey saga! I thought that he would definitely muster that geeky-yet-adorable persona that Spidey always carries, which he successfully did! (more of that later) I’ve been a fan of Andrew Garfield ever since his performance as best-friend-turned-into-enemy Eduardo Saverin in The Social Network. Yup, the guy is blessed with his good look and oh-so-adorable smile that melts your heart, hehe. Aaaanndd I was also thrilled to know that Emma stone would be playing Peter Parker’s love interest Gwen Stacy (no MJ this time). I mean, who doesn’t like Emma Stone?! Obviously one can’t simply miss her witty and charismatic performance in Easy A. And the fact that she’s a red-head hottie HAHA! So the day when it was released, I got few tickets of good seats and went to watch it with couple of my friends.

While The Amazing Superman is highly publicized and clearly got people around the world hyped up (just like every Marvel movie ever made), there are things that I really like about the new Spidey, but there are also few unsettling things that I don’t quite enjoy.

I like how the director Webb gives fresh edge to the new Spiderman. Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker appears to be more reckless and witty at the same time. Yup, clearly the characters that embody a typical high school boy. He’s an outsider who doesn’t seem to care to fit in and bit of a rebel even before he had the power, which makes his presence appears stronger compare to the old Spidey. Guess he has more character and by also appearing more snarky and sarcastic, which unfortunately seems to attract me in any guy’s characters, haha.  From the fuzzy memory that I had, I remember how the old Peter is such a weakling and abit…… frustrating. But not on this one! The new Peter Parker is easy to love, and don’t get me started on how he makes girls go loco when he puts that glasses on. DAMN CUTE. The nerdy, adorable look is the new definition of stunning, y’all! HAHA.

(Anndddd I just had to post that picture up, hehe)

Although it’s a bit unsettling to see his quest to chase around the guy who killed his uncle at first. Is he just being plain selfish, using his power to avenge his uncle’s death? Clearly not the kind of superhero quality that we picture him to be. But I guess it makes him appear humane. I mean, ego is what everyone has, even just for a little. Acknowledging that he’s pretty much new with all this power, the guy can’t be blamed for being reckless too. Also, is it only me that notices that Peter Parker is such a crybaby?!? It honestly makes me cringe! The guy shed unnecessary tears too many times that he reminds me of a guy character in some sort of sappy Korean drama.

Kudos to Emma Stone playing the role of desirable, brainy scientist girl. I believe all the guys who watch this movie are falling head over heels over Emma Stone’s irresistible vibe HAHA.

Yet another thing that I love form this movie is the chemistry between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy! That awkward asking-her-on-a-date scene, what a typical high school scenario, which is cute. While the epic Spider-Man and MJ’s upside-down kiss can’t never be toppled down, these two are just so undeniably good together it’s heart-warming. Definitely feeling the Marc Webb rom-com touch. It hits you with the right amount of awe towards the couple. Yet just like the old Spider-Man, the couple can’t be together but this time it’s because of the last promise he made with Inspector Stacy.

“….Don’t make promises you can’t keep”

“But those are the best kind.

The duration of the film gets a tiny wee bit way too long, and I think there was this moment when I was impatiently waiting to see the jaw-dropping fighting scene. Of course, a splendid CGI fighting scene is what most people anticipate when they watch superhero movie. I really enjoy the first person point of view that simulates the usual video game when Spidey jumps around from one building to another. I guess we will be seeing more and more of this in the near future of superhero/action movie! And the CGI of the Lizard is simply astounding to the fullest details that it makes reptile-phobia person flinches when they see it. But the long duration is forgivable as it gives you more glimpses of little Peter’s past and the development of Peter and Gwen’s love story.

A friend of mine hated new Peter’s guts for being a selfish, and more-of-a-punk instead of a rebel in this movie. He called the new Peter an asshole lol. But it’s just one of the great summer blockbuster that can’t afford to miss. I’ll give it 7.5 out of 10, and I don’t mind if I have to watch it twice. And don’t worry Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield hasn’t entirely robbed your spotlight. He’ll just hold the title of Spider-Man of this generation, and you’ll remain a classic that everyone loves and will always look back.