Winter holiday passed by like a breeze, yet it wasn’t such a waste afterall. Aside from catching up with old friends and spoiling myself with few trips to the salon, perchance this is the most hectic holiday I’ve ever had during my university break. While I have finally accepted the fact that I wouldn’t be getting any internship during the holiday, life decided to surprise me with a short e-mail of internship confirmation. Good things indeed come when you least expect it.

Working in a TV station is completely a different experience. It’s actually an unforgettable experience as I got to travel around Jakarta and to visit some of the places that I have never visited before. The market. The Minister’s office. The slump areas. The football field. The old train station. I would always have a mental memory of those places.

And the random experiences. Eating in random warung and canteens. Being a witness of Jakarta’s future leader being unfold during the governor election. Getting squashed by bunch of savvy reporters. Late night in the newsroom. Had yourself surrounded by curious children and moms. New friends. Joking around with co-workers. The first experience of being scorned by hostile mentor during the first week of work. The chase. Running around the alley, chasing sources. The drive. The talks. And so on.

Most of the time, a bad news is a good news. It draws people to keep watching, we’re easily interested with conflict.

The word sticks on my mind the moment my supervisor said that to me. I know it all along, but I just never actually thought about it. Does it occur to you that we as a human being craves for conflict? We’d say that we want peace, but perhaps our inner desire craves for a confrontation, big and small. Just imagine how mundane the world without any conflict or argument. I guess confrontation should resurfaces once in awhile, so then we’re challenged to reassess our lives and makes us appreciate the good things actually happened in our lives. Okay, now I’m digressing. But the whole point is, the ‘bad’ breaking news such as disaster or chaos – whilst it’s a low-value commodity in the news world – are the ones that people actually inclined to be interested towards to.

From this internship, my appreciation towards Jakarta grows even more. No matter how flawed and imperfect this city is, no matter how one could complain so much about Jakarta, but it is still where my home resides. My perception towards Jakarta was changed, and I found a beauty behind an abandoned building, a broken bridge, the small alleys and a slum area while I was on the road during my internship.