It’s funny how a brief, random moment you shared with a stranger could light up your entire day. This was one of those random encounter that turned around my mundane September afternoon in a single flick.

ImageI was walking down in Eastern Avenue, until I spotted you from afar. You in your hardly-missed yellow SRC campaign shirt and black ray-ban. You jiggled both of your hands downwards, half-walking and dancing as if you were living in soundtrack-worthy moment. I let out a brief smile. And without any traces of bashfulness, you smiled back, as I caught you in a moment.

And just in time after we passed each other, you twirled around and shouted: “Vote for me and I’ll stop dancing!” and shot one last grin before you turned your back. I laughed and continued roaming around through a sea of people.

To whoever you are – or perhaps we’ve met randomly before in Manning Bar or Fisher Library – I forgot to shout back at you to say this: “Keep dancing and you’ll definitely have my vote!”