Back in middle school, we tend to ended up liking something because everyone loved it. Like when an emo wave swept in, and suddenly all the boys grew their ‘fringe’ so long that it covered their eyes. Man, those days. Peer pressure really got into everyone. Well, at least most middle schoolers.

However, as you grow older, you finally reach to the point when you won’t try to fit into a mold anymore.

You finally understand that it’s okay to be different. Even if you’re facing some sort of difficulties from embracing that choice in the process.

I guess it’s good to be able to break out from your comfort zone. While it seems so uncomfortable at times, but it gives you the motivation to keep seeking for something more, instead of having yourself staying too long in a mediocre life. Well, mediocre probably sounds really vague. But as time goes by, I keep reminding myself to push the limit and never to settle. Afterall, you’re not gonna be young for that much longer, right?

I remember how all the grown-ups used to say that those friends that you have now may not be around in the future. Naïvely, I told them they were bluffing, and they didn’t know what they were talking about because they didn’t know them. But through the test of time, you’re finally able to make sense of those words and finally know who your real friends are. No matter how many miles away you’re separated now, no matter how long you haven’t talked to them, real friends still stay by your side no matter what.

I guess I knew it all along that I won’t stay here for a long time. Which is why I refuse to settle for a permanent thing. The search still continues, and I know that the time will come and a bucketful of surprise and adventure lies ahead.

Life could get disappointing and hard sometimes, but remember to see the beauty that transcends every time you walk out the door. The musician that sings their heart out on the train station, the random strangers that say hi to you when you’re waiting for a bus, the old couple that sit on the park bench and yet still looking so in love like they’re 17-years-old…. all those little things that put a smile on your face.

Know that you’re alive, and you’re able to make your dream come true, as long as you’re willing to work in order to get it.