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Taken in Los Angeles, Summer 2011

I’m currently in the middle of my writing assignment and suddenly the writer’s block syndrome emerged. This will be my last semester to gain a formal, practical experience in my media course, Advanced Media Writing and Online Media class. This time it’s a 600-words opinion column and you can choose whatever topic you fancy. At first, I thought it wouldn’t be that hard, since 600 words are just few paragraphs compare to 2000 words essays that I have to do in other courses. But then, I could honestly say that I suck when I am obliged to stick onto one solid argument. This sudden epiphany took me my storm after I changed the subject of my opinion column for five friggin’ times.

The thing is, due to the process of typing off the 600 words, I’m always over-thinking and try to find a gap in my argument, which then lowers my confidence to actually believe what I had in mind in the first place. Guess staying on a grey area of a certain issue does have its disadvantage. I mean, after thinking about it, I always try to measure a good or bad of a certain approach, if it’s left afloat in my mind. I have an opinion, but then I could always find a rational or close-to-proper argument to support both sides. And it’s hard to write something that you don’t fully believe it, because deep down you know there are other sides that you left unmentioned!

I’m a piece of grey, stuck between the black and white.

Thus, a career as a columnist seems so bleak for me, hahaaa

Anyways, time to hit the bed. We’re having high tea to celebrate Andie’s Birthday tomorrow. Do expect few snapshots some time this week! 🙂