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Sydney, 2011

Half-way through uni, you start to wonder where you’ll end up after graduation. There’s fear of being unemployed, the fear of disappointing your significant others……

the fear of failure.

I just had a chat with an old friend of mine and we sorta wondered what we’re going to do after we’re done with uni. And then, the ultimate question came out: would it be wrong to dream, knowing that there’s a big chance we won’t get it?

A dream of running your own restaurant. A dream of getting a job overseas. A dream of becoming a successful doctor. A dream of repaying every single penny our parents had given us to pay for our expensive education.

Most of the times we’re so afraid to dream big, or even to expect because we don’t have enough faith on ourselves to make it come true. Thus, we tend to suppress all those dreams and expectations by being pessimistic before we even start somewhere. Yeah, we’re all just human who don’t want to face the big hole of disappointment. We would rather filled ourselves with mediocre and uninspired state of mind than pumping ourself with a temporary slice of happiness from all those hopeful thoughts and dreams.

Hear this out, though. It’s still important that we still hold on to dream. Don’t let it fly away from your sight. You gotta start from somewhere, right? To have a dream means we have a goal. It drives us to go forward.

It all may seem naïve, I know. The reality, is that, perhaps only 0.1% of human population (or even less) that actually can fulfill their dreams. While most of them can’t finish the race, due to obligations and other reasons. But then, no one can really foresee obstacles anyway. Then why should we be scared of losing the battle when we still haven’t got anything to lose?

In the end of our conversation, I finally made up my mind. I must stop sulking and beating myself with various possible ways of being a failure. I should really ambitiously pursues my dream. I know that I have what it takes. Screw the future hard slap and slam from reality!

From now on, I’m putting on my battle suit on.


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