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This is the true and impossible story of my very great love: Ruby Sparks

It’s a (500) Days of Summer with a touch of fantasy. It’s about boy meets girl, or rather, a boy that meets a girl whom he creates from his mind. This year I don’t get to watch a lot of rom-coms, but hands down, Ruby Sparks is the best rom-com I’ve watched this year!

At first, Paul Dano is the reason why I watched this movie in the first place. I discovered Paul Dano for the first time when I watched Little Miss Sunshine in high school. Albeit he barely said a word in that film, but I’ve always thought that he was a really cool character. Yup, never gonna forget that scene of him screaming “FUCCKKK!” on top of his lungs; such a defining moment to finally hear his voice for the first time.

The main theme of the story is about the creator who falls in love with his own creation. Hmm, sounds familiar to a book that I’ve studied back in 10th grade. Obviously the idea of the story is heavily influenced by the renowned classic Pygmalion. I did some share amount of ‘research’ and recently discovered that Zoe Kazan (Ruby Sparks and the writer of the movie) and Paul Dano are the two indie darlings. Guess one could think of them as the Brangelina of the indie movie scene.

And so, control works both way. Zoe Kazan creates the character Calvin Weir-Field who creates Zoe Kazan as Ruby Sparks in return.

It occurs to me that I always ended up liking male lead characters with artsy job (read: Tom Hansen is an architect and so does Ted Mosby from HIMYM). Calvin Weir-Fields is not an exception, as he plays an introvert yet publicly-claimed genius writer. (And that dorky glasses and cardigan-touting face! I can’t deny this but I LOVE skinny hipster-looking male HAHA). Ruby Sparks seems to be the perfect girlfriend a guy could ever ask for. With quirks and a closet of colorful wardrobes, Zoe Kazan plays an attractive and quirky Ruby Sparks. She doesn’t look drop-dead gorgeous, but it just seems that the camera loves her and I find her feature very intriguing. More or less, I love movies about guys and his obsession over Manic Pixie Dream Girls. (Cue: Tom Hansen and Summer Finn) So yeah, go watch them and be prepared envy Calvin-Ruby’s oh-so-cute relationship. For a split second, I feel bad for myself, “oh gosh here we are, two single girls sitting on a couch with handful of chocolate whilst this fictional couple get to have each other looking all cute and dorky, GIMME THAT RELATIONSHIP!” lol. Okay perhaps I was being too dramatic. But you know that feeling.

Things that bugs me is the ending. The ending falls short and leaves us wondering. The particular scene where Calvin decides to play God and take control of Ruby’s action terrifies me at some point. It’s super disturbing and I almost thought that he actually lost his mind all this time. But nevertheless, it’s still a great movie. I enjoy it and I don’t mind watching it again! One could never get bored of watching a good rom-com.

A friend of mine just recommended Moonrise Kingdom. Hmm definitely gonna watch them after New Year! 🙂

As for now, I’ve got my essay to worry about. Last one and I’m officially kissing summer school goodbye. Progress: 0 out of 2000 words. Argh.