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In less than 24 hours, we’ll kiss 2012 goodbye and finally meet 2013. What has this year meant for you? 



I didn’t get to travel a lot this year, but coming home is definitely a highlight of my year.    I caught up with few old friends and exchanged stories about how different our lives have turned up ever since high school. We’re heading to different directions, yet histories still bind us together. It’s true that high school friends will always stick in your heart no matter what. Even though we’re separated thousand miles away, they’re still the same people that I know, just polished in different haircut style and looking more mature than ever. They are the goofiest, the most awkward humans that I’ve ever met and I’m glad to ever known each of them.

Home Sweet Home


The first semester of 2012, I finally settled into an apartment up in Western Suburb. I remembered that after I put the last box of my stuff on the empty living room, it finally sunk in. So this is it. No more flat-renting in the hectic city, no more flatmates (well at least while I’m living in Sydney), I finally have a space on my own. I told myself that I will NEVER EVER move out again. After flopping from one apartment to another in the city, I have to the conclusion that I hateeeee moving out so much because of all the hassles that you have to go through. From packing your stuff, sorting out the junk, and putting the stuff back into new wardrobe, not too mention that you have to clean everything up before you settle your stuff in! Argh. After the first few weeks, I got used to the suburban life. It gets way too quiet sometimes, but I guess it’s so much better than the noisy friday night back in Pitt Street CBD. The good thing about living in the suburb is that you get to take the train a lot, oh the joy of commuting! Coming home during the golden hour while you’re on the train is the best.

Intern Lives



This year has been a learning curve for me. I got to explore the two sides of media industry, an internship in the newspaper earlier this year and the newsroom internship on winter break back in my hometown, Jakarta. Meeting new people and listening to the stories they have to tell are the joys from working in media world. You get to meet groups of people whom you would never encountered before. I realise that once you get too comfortable with your surroundings, you ended up stuck in the same bubble. Hence,  you won’t get any new things to learn nor discover.

The Year of Awesome Gigs!




Danced through the night with Foster The People in Jakarta, and went to see Coldplay and awesome DJs on Sydney’s summer heat (to mention a few: Avicii, Calvin Harris, Laidback Luke and Tiesto). It was actually my first summer festival in Sydney, and I should say that I love Sydneysiders under the laser lights, they are bunch of crazy-yet-still-civilised crowd! Also jaw-dropped over Coldplay’s brilliance stage performance and hypnotized by Chris Martin’s voice last November. I don’t think any other concert could top Coldplay’s, at least the ones that I have watched so far. They’re definitely the best band on the planet, no kid.

There are so many things that I wanna write about 2012. The first half of 2012 were  absolutely a mentally-exhausting stage of the year, where I barely made it alive because I took an extra uni subject, five in total. At the darkest moment of the year, I cried like a baby because I had too many unfinished assignments on April, now that I think about it I feel so stupid HAHAAA. YET I SURVIVED! I MADE IT! But yeah, lesson learned: NEVER EVER TAKE 5 UNI SUBJECTS PER SEMESTER IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR SOCIAL LIFE! Pretty sure some of my friends thought I was dead because I was drowning on sea of papers and readings hahahah.

Hmm…. what else? I don’t know for sure, but it feels like I’ve grown so much this year. The fear of taking more responsibilities still scares the hell out of me, but I realise that the more freedom that you’re given, it also means that you have to carry out more responsibilities with you. Isn’t that a part of being an adult?


you’ll never know if you never try.

The awesome part of being alive is how it never fails to surprise you. Sometimes it takes you up sky high, yet it slams you down when you get too big-headed. It’s the circle of life.

Sydney 2012 Through Nikii’s Eyes