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It is possible to unite two strangers from different nationalities when they share the same passion and interest. I met Andie on the first year of university, but I think I didn’t see her that much during 1st year of uni because she skipped so many tutorials and she barely made it to the lecture hall during the first few semesters lol. Anyways, after random talks and several photo-dates that we had, we decide to dedicate a portion of our time for photography and creativity! While keeping new year’s resolution isn’t exactly my kind of thing (yup, I always fail miserably when it comes to it!), but this is the commitment that I will keep for the next 52 weeks or so for sure!

Let me present to you our photography project blog, Misses Curiousity!


Jason Mraz might claim himself as the Mr. Curiosity (listen to his tune here) but the two of us, me and Andie are curious light capturers, who see the world from the back of our lens! 🙂

We’ll be posting a photo every week, with the theme that we have planned beforehand. Of course, it would be awesome if we can meet more photo enthusiast out there who would like to join the photo project or even collaborate!

So say hi to us and click the ‘follow’ button for our blog! It’ll be super awesome and I’m super excited for this photography project.

Get out there and snap piccies, people! Hope everyone a super great weekend! ‘Cause I surely did enjoy my sunday from the impromptu road trip to South Coast! Photo diary from Wollongong and Kiama will be up tomorrow 🙂



Kiama on a hot summer day! (Check out my Instagram!)