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Last Sunday we had an impromptu road trip to South Coast of Sydney! The weather was perfect and we headed off to Wollongong. Mom and dad are here to visit, and dad had been wanting to visit the famous temple situated in Wollongong called Nan Tien Temple. It’s a huge temple and apparently it’s one of the biggest temple in Australia!

Nan Tien means “Southern Paradise” and the temple lies in the suburb of Berkeley, Wollongong. I brought Nikii along with me and snapped view pictures while I was there. You can really see an amazing view of the green hills from Nan Tien!

Nan Tien temple @ Wollongong, New South Wales


While I was there, it didn’t felt like Australia anymore, we kinda felt like we were somewhere in China or Taiwan hahahah! Given that there is a significant portion of Chinese population in Australia, it’s unsurprising to see that this temple was built down here. Nowadays, Nan Tien temple becomes one of the major tourist attractions in New South Wales.



We also found lots of cute sculptures outside of the temple. This one is my favorite 😀

*stretching position*
DSC_1019Wishing for a “bountiful joy and peaceful mind” to the golden wishing tree. We are supposed to throw the red ribbon to the golden tree and the ribbon will just hang on one of the branches.


“What if I missed it? Does that mean that my wish won’t be fulfilled?”

The lady who sold the ribbon chuckled when she heard my somewhat naive/childish question. “Nah, you can just redo it and throw it again.”

My parents are Buddhist, and I’ve been to many temples but I’ve never seen any temple with a golden wishing tree. I’m not sure if it just a gimmick for a tourist or it’s actually a part of Buddhist practice. But whatevs, it’s the beginning of 2013 and it just feels right to have some sort of ‘ritual’ to wishing for one self.

Oh, and my wish worth 5 bucks.


Next stop, we went to Breakwater Lighthouse. Someone says that if you don’t visit this tourist landmark, that means you’re not actually going to Wollongong!

DSC_1150Mind my shameless tourist portrait hahaaaa! 🙂

It was a perfect beach weather and I was THIS close to jump into the water and soak as much breeze and cold as I could have. I pretty much got an ugly tan-line after only spending few hours outside.

The last stop that we made was Kiama Blowhole Point. Frankly, I wasn’t that interested to see the blowhole so I went straight up to climb the rocky hill!



The stunning view of the water from above. Australia, you’re truly blessed with a wonderful blue sky and seascape.


My favorite picture of the day, c’est ma mere et mon pere! 🙂

It was a great sunday getaway from the city. I should really do more road trip around New South Wales while I have the time to do so.


Thanks for the picture, Dad!

Ah Sydney, I’ll miss your warmth, waves and shine. As someone who loves summer, I seriously need to toughen up and learn to love Europe’s winter weather.

Ohh ohh, 3 more days until France. I’m super excited 🙂

(P.S: I didn’t do any post-editing for the pictures, so everything was just straight from the camera. Didn’t feel the need to edit it because it’s just a waste to edit such a wonderful colored pictures taken on a wonderful day!)