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The longest journey began since yesterday. I’m now in Dubai, indulging myself with the privilege to stretch my legs on a airport lounge sofa while I’m waiting for my next flight to Lyon, France! By the end of this journey, I would be up in the air for 24-hours in total. I arrived at 6 a.m half-awake and DXB was swamped by sea of people. Took me quite awhile to find a trolley and found a lounge that would accept cash!

Being a solo traveler has its perks and disadvantages. Somehow I find a tranquility in traveling alone, but it gets really tiring that you have to be with your stuff 24/7!!

Hence, I kinda regret my decision to bring extra hand-carry bag.

And……… I just checked the weather forecast and I’ll be greeted by snow when I arrive. So I guess winter is finally here 🙂

Anyways, really excited yet nervous at the same time. Given that my French isn’t that good (omg I barely could carry a full-french conversation for more than 2 minutes HAHA), let’s just hope that I’ll survive living in France for the next 6 months.

Adventure officially starts tomorrow. Wish me luck! 🙂


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