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I spent my last week in Sydney to catch few flicks in the cinema. My friend who resides in Switzerland told me that it will be super duper expensive to catch a subtitle movie in Europe, given that they dub the actor’s voice into national language! And while I will have my exchange on a small town in Southern France, we figure that it would be alot harder to find a subtitle cinema. I mean, imagine watching your favorite actor dubbed into other dude’s voice! Even if you understand what he’s saying, it seems all weird and depletes our watching experience. Anyways, the three movies that I managed to watch were The Life of Pi, Les Misérable and Gangster Squad.

While I’ve been anticipating The Life of Pi since its advertisement bombardment on early….. October, I guess (?), it fails to exceed my expectation, story-line wise. Indeed, the wow factor of the movie is the highly magnificent visual impact, especially if you watch it in 3D. It was an indulging experience. But other than that, I didn’t seem to get any other impact or underlining message from the movie. Oh, I didn’t read the book beforehand, but I assume that Ang Lee abandoned some of its plot detail and just really focused on the aesthetic impact of the movie. Perhaps the movie supposedly carries a deep philosophical message throughout it, but I couldn’t be bothered to closely see the subtlety of the message, as I was too overwhelmed by the deep sea beauty presented throughout The Life of Pi 😛 Although I should say that I really love the CGI details of Richard Parker the Tirger. Oh wait, Aslan from Narnia is still on the top chart of my coolest CGI animal list HAHA.

I’m not a fan of musical, but Les Misérables is probably the only musical that successfully made it to my all-time favorite movie! Too much awesomeness is packed in a three-hour non-stop singing and chanting. At some parts, it felt funny to see that the actors and actresses just kept singing instead of saying lines, guess because I don’t watch a lot of musical. While other Tom Hooper’s movie that I watched was The King’s Speech, but I could really see his signature cinematic style in Les Misérables as well. There are lots of head-shot-on-the edge-of-the-framing style going on! (oh gosh, one semester of Film Studies has really turned me into a overly-analysed so-called cinema nerd lol, pardon me) While Anne Hathaway only had a short appearance time, but her “I Dreamed a Dream” performance just really took my breath away. And of course, Hugh Jackman gives a solid performance. He’s too good, period. Bravo! And Eddie Redmayne!! Aaa I just have so much love for that guy. And that little boy who joins one of the rebels. He definitely steals the show 🙂

At the end of the movie, I was just thoroughly stunned and perhaps might indulge myself to watch more great musical movie. I’m expecting to see much more awesome movies directed by Tom Hooper!

Gangster Squad is a revival of film noir in digital screen. I love the dark and mysterious feel of film noir, it’s one of the most coolest era which constantly being remaked and produced in popular culture. While the movie is inspired by true stories of Mickey Cohen, the story-line of Gangster Squad is quite simple, while I was expecting something more complicated than the plot offers by the director. You kinda expect that the bad guy will lose to the good kids, it is pretty much a predictable story. But guys in suit and old hats take on the underbelly of Los Angeles street, my love for film noir-esque genre lures me to catch this one in the cinema. It’s raunchy, it’s explicit and worth watching. And I’m saying this not because I’m a fan of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone! Hahaaa :p Now that I think of it, it seems that the Hollywood duo have been paired together in several other movies. Okay, digressing. But seriously, from these three movies, I’d definitely recommend Les Misérables! Although, those who can’t stand being a cinema for more than 2 hours should be aware, as the movie is longer than usual and perhaps if you really can’t stand musical movie, then I’d suggest that you could just back out HAHAAA. Oh well, loving a musical genre is hard. It’s either you love it or you hate it.