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I used to be the one that firmly believe that a girl and guy can be JUST friends without any romantic entanglement whatsoever. But then I begin to doubt this statement myself after my previous relationship. Perhaps there is an invisible line that one can’t trespass in order to keep their platonic status. But then, we’re just human. We tend to follow our curiosity and break the rule, and being reckless in the process without really putting a thought on the aftermath and consequences. Life’s a gamble, isn’t it? We lose some, we win some.

But seriously though, can we ever love someone in a non-romantic way? The kind of love where we would just have an utmost respect for them, and we just love them because they’re simply being themselves, and we just wish them the best in everything they do by supporting them, even from afar. I’ve always thought that it would have been wonderful if you have a lifelong, non-romantic kinda love towards someone. It indicates that we’re capable to just sincerely love someone without expecting anything in return, because we simply don’t need them to want us in a romantic way. Feeling angry or joyous doesn’t take too much effort, but sincerity is hard to attain. It is not something that everyone can express or feel, as I personally believe that sincerity is the purest form of feeling.

Oh, I don’t know why I let my mind pondering over this thought, it must have been because of the random conversation I had with my friend earlier today. Also, I guess it’s also just because a romantic kind of love freaks me out sometimes. The thought of feeling something so powerful and intense that makes your chest pounds so hard it’s about to explode…. Uhhmm, is that how it really feels though? Well, I can barely remember, HA!

Ah, the power of time. It’s amazing how all those memories are now just fragments  that you can revisit without evoking any feelings. It’s like watching a youtube clip, in its lowest resolution, if you know what I mean 😉