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I went through old files on my laptop because I need to delete more stuff (laptop memory’s depleting yet again, oh no!) and I found a ‘mysterious’ text document that I made in 2008. Guess what? IT’S MY OLD BUCKET LIST! I made them when I was high school 🙂

Originally, I only wrote 21 random things that I wanna do and I realised that I have done some of them! There are some juvenile stuff, and I also didn’t remember WHY I ever wanted to do those things. But I guess I should just live up to the expectation of my 16-years-old self, cause a list is a list, it’s a promise! :p Also, I decide to add more stuff, the ones that I could think off right now and THIS IS IT! I should start doing all of these stuff from now on! Time’s ticking and I’m not getting any younger 😉

So, in no particular order…….. here’s my bucket list!

1. Going on a road trip with no exact destination

2. Roll down on a hill  (Did this one with few buddies on a summer afternoon of 2011 in Melbourne. Was being stared by the locals because they must have thought we looked like three Humpty Dumpty rolling down the hill HAHA)

3. Staying all night to catch the sunrise

4. Participate in a food fight (This one was from my old bucket list. And I have no idea why I ever thought on doing this one)

5. Go sky-diving. Or bungee-jumping

6. Ride an elephant (Chiang Mai 2008. We went to a little paradise filled with elephants!)

7. Traveling around Europe (hopefully I will accomplish this one on June :D)

8. Color my hair with a crazy hair (I remembered how I thought that it would have been so cool to have blue tinge on my hair…… Tsk, kids :P)

9. Win something from a doll machine! (Felt like a big shot winner when I got myself a big, red ugly doll hahahah. But still, ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!)

10. Living 48 hours of my life without any sleep (perhaps you might find this as a torture. But the way I imagine it is that I’m off venturing somewhere that requires me to stay awake for 48 hours…. So yeah, not so much of a torture 😛)

11. Learn how to play AT LEAST one song on a guitar

12. Lying flat on a thick, fluffy snow and make a snow angel (YESTERDAY IN CORRENÇON SNOW YAAAAAY! I was yet again laughed by the Europeans because I was TOO excited :D)

13. Learn how to dive (this one will be tough as I’m scared of sea depth errgghhh)

14. Got really drunk until you can’t remember a single thing (I had no comment on this one HAHA. BUT I’d blame it on a bottle of Bombay Sapphire and a miserable friend on a quiet summer night)

15. To be able to speak Fluent French (as I’m still sound like an idiot now because I often pause a lot to think of the next word I wanna say HAHA)

16. To take a black and white picture of Cloud Gate in Chicago

17. Take a picture with a baby lion or tiger on my lap!! 

18. To visit musée de Louvre! (PARIS MON AMOUR, I’M COMING TO YOUUU SOON)

19. Staying overnight on a car (should’ve done this one ages ago because we were ALMOST homeless. But I can definitely feel that I will experience this AT LEAST once some time in the future hahahahah)

20. To throw oneself on a field of flower! Oh, or maybe run through a field of flower 😀

21. To hug a sad stranger that I encounter on the street (when I finally have the courage to do so, I will :))

22. Go on a one-week trip with your best buds (Well it wasn’t exactly one-week, but 6 days 5 nights would do :P)

23. Internet fasting for a week (in which I tried to do it few times when I was in high school and failed miserably because it’s ALMOST impossible to do)

24. To punch a bad person on their face (I don’t know why I put this one either lol)

25. Go off volunteering abroad for a humanitarian cause

26. Dance under the rain

27. To get a job that I’m passionate about in which I can finally provide a financial stability for myself (I guess this is a general achievement that most people would want :P)

28. Go camping (I can’t believe I’ve never done this before)

29. To see the Northern Light!

30. Trespass a prohibited area

31. To have a massive sweet-food binge day until you feel like you’re gonna throw up

32. Go biking for 3 hours

33. To have a life-changing experience (This one is abit vague, I know.)

34. To do 5 random deeds for a friend of family member

35. To travel the world! One country at a time 🙂

36. To ride the scariest roller coaster in the world (might have to do a bit of research for this one)

37.  To travel alone somewhere while putting your cellphone on an airplane mode

38. Have a Star Wars marathon (which I’ve never watched before except for the 3rd installment hmmmm…..)

39. To scream “I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!!” on top of a cliff after I climb it!

40. Hitchhiking!

41. Learn how to ride a motorcycle (This is all because I saw that cute little Vespa on Centre-Ville! :P)

42. Have a bonfire and have a sleepover on the beach!


43. To be able to tell all of the adventures that I’ve ever experienced to my children 🙂