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April 2013 // Grenoble, France

April 2013 // Grenoble, France

Sometimes we get fixated on things that we aren’t supposed to and the universe has its way to remind us that we need to go back on track by sending us signs. For instance, it’s true what they say. “We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.” Perhaps they come and stay for awhile, and maybe touch your life and leave a mark on your heart through their special ways, yet sooner or later they might suddenly leave and by the time you know it, they no longer become a relevant person in your life.

On rare occasion, there are few people who are meant to stay in your life forever, despite the geographical boundary and uncertain duration of separation. Unfortunately, we can’t control who gets to stay and walk out from your life. It hurts but as time goes by, you’ll heal and finally understand that everything happens for a reason, whether it’s good or bad. Like physics, this mystery called life has its own intangible ways to make things work for us. Despite the occasional ups and down, we can always learn from things that we encounter every day. I always try to look at things from the bright side, though from time to time it’s hard. But I know that it’s better than being cynical and the world seriously don’t need another sad cynical species occupying most of the world’s population.

So, this serves as a reminder again that there are so much things that I need to comprehend and see, and I should just stop worrying and let the universe leads me to whatever rabbit hole I’m supposed go through later. It might be scary. It might be thrilling. It might be the best time of your life. Or the next stage of our lives might be ridiculously hard that you will find yourself occasionally bursting out tears in the future. Who knows what master plan life has planned for us? Everything shall pass.

Also, if you can’t be happy by loving and being yourself, then you seriously have a problem. Enough said.

Anyways, here’s just a random thought that crossed my mind. My finger just glued itself to the keyboard and starts typing randomly. Alas, good night world.